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begins tomorrow on c- span. >> this week on "newsmakers," we want to welcome mary kay henry. we have two reporters to help us with this conversation today. nancy cook, "national journal." >> mary, you met with the president last week on these so-called fiscal cliff. what kind of assurances did you get from the president about his willingness to put entitlement cuts on the table in his negotiations? >> the president was crystal clear on his desire to get a conversation as a top priority before any cuts could be entertained. what we were pleased to hear, both community and labor leaders to work together in that meeting, was how completely clear the president was on respecting the will of the electorate from the november 6 election, where he believes he offered the nation a choice, and that the popular vote and the electoral vote said, yes, it is time for the wealthy americans to pay their fair share. >> did you get a sense that if he does get what he is asking for in revenue, he would be willing to entertain concessions on entitlements as well? he did do that last year with speaker boehner
on the senate floor. >> half the congress opposes tax hikes. >> tonight, mary kay henry of the service employees international union and senator brown on the new campaign for the middle class. paul ryan is finally speaking, and he's still in the bubble. >> i think the surprise was some of the turnout. some of the turnout especially in urban areas. >> ohio state senator turner is here to respond. the petition to see seed is growing with speed. >> deep in the heart of texas! >> find out why i agree with rick perry. texas is not allowed to leave the union. thanks for watching. president obama came back to washington to fight for fair deal on taxes. today he called on his base. i love it. he went right to the folks who put him in the white house. president obama held his first official closed door meeting with groups from outside the white house. the invited guests were all leaders of labor organizations and progressive think tanks. compare this list to the guest list for tomorrow's meeting. 12 of the most powerful ceos in american business. this schedule was not a mistake. president obama was letti
about the so-called his co-cliff. among them mary kay henry internationale president of the service employees international union, the seiu, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> eliot: is this cliff, we prefer to call it a slope on this show, is it being overrated? is there hysteria being created to get a compromise around the wrong issues? >> yes, i completely agree with your discussion that you just had with congressman defazio. this conversation needs to be how increased revenue helps us spur economic recovery by getting americans back to work, and job creation has to be our number one priority. this discussion of cuts to programs that elders count on in our country, we need to get off this table so we can focus on a robust economic recovery once and for all. >> eliot: i'm one that agrees that down the road in the long term, maybe even in the medium term we've got tough issues we got to deal with. >> yes. >> eliot: but right now we have a crisis of job creation. it's a growth crisis. look at europe and understand that you embrace austerity as an answer you push yourself furth
a conversation with mary kay henry, who was a labor leader who went to the white house to meet with president obama to talk about what is to come in the weeks ahead and the months ahead. let's take a look at one excerpt from the interview. this is talking about these questions of the fiscal cliff. [video clip] >> what about speaker john boehner's concept of a bridge deal, which could be a revenue package and tax reform and the new year that does bring in new revenue? >> i think it is a wonderful idea to have tax reform in the new year. i think john boehner keeps trying to soft and what the american people said on november 6. that is why i am so adamant against rejecting it. we need to use this moment to answer the call of the american people, which they said loud and clear on november 6. >> what do they plan to do to help the president? how much money do you plan to spend? >> we have joined with other organizations, labor and community, which started on november 8 with 44 actions a run the country. we were doing visits on the hill together. we just went up on the air with paid media to do edu
international union, and of course supports the president. >> we welcome the president, mary kay henry. yesterday's endorsement of the president by mayor bloomberg was a lukewarm reaction. how energized are your union members this time around? >> working people all across this country support this president because he's put america back on track. he has a track record of creating jobs. he helped save the american auto industry. our members all across this country are fired up and ready to go and turning out a vote. not just of themselves but their families, friends, communities, neighborhoods. >> so have you got whan you wte wanted in the last four years? there were some things that i think some of the unions were saying the president could have doubled down on. what would you like to see different or better if, in fact, we do see the president get re-elected? >> what we want is working people to be able to get this country back to working good jobs, making sure that everybody pays their fair share, as the president has been talking to the nation about. making sure we protect vital ser
bit more. >> big labor is also on board. i spoke with mary kay henry of the service employees union on my radio show today. she says her members will be okay with letting all tax cuts expire. >> i think that would be acceptable. i do think that the house republicans have a choice right now to bring economic peace of mind to the american middle class by making the middle class cuts permanent. >> so letting all the tax cuts expire would put us right back to pretty much square one, and president obama and his team could come up with a framework that may be better for the middle class. >> right. >> you're okay with that? >> absolutely. >> so this is where we're at. the president and congressional democrats will not do a deal without tax hikes for the top 2%. democrats will not consider a millionaires only tax. big labor says it's okay if all tax cuts expire because republicans will lose all of their leverage. the republicans are up a bad creek without a paddle. conservative governors like bobby jindal and scott walker have emerged, trying to moderate their party's agenda. but jindal and
. mary kay henry. ms. henry, with all due respect, as i read every single news news article about your operation, you are not only tying up traffic on one of the busiest days of the year regarding airplanes, but you claim to represent employees that don't want anything to do with your union. what's up with that? >> i was proud to stand for jose la bara who worked for stave guard for years today at lax airport. he was ginned by hundreds of fellow coworkers at the airport because we are fighting for good jobs at lax. >> that's not what they are saying. >> that's not what the company is saying. >> the company is saying, frederick mcneil says you bring if outsiders to block traffic and that people in their union have been trying to get out. they are trying to get out of the seiu. you're helping people that don't want your help and it sounds, ms. henry, like you are bringing outside agitators. people that don't work at lax, in order to do it. that's what it sounds like. >> no, larry. we are standing up for rebuilding the american middle class. ed with workers that were asked to sign a paper
vi insent vise debt in america. >>> ceos will be meeting with president obama. >> mary kay henry is president of the service employees international union. she's been on capitol hill imploring lawmakers to focus on tax issues now and spending issues later. it's great to have you on the show. welcome. >> thank you, scott. glad to be here. >> are you guys willing to put so-called entitlements on the table? can we put those on the table, social security, medicare, all of these things that need to be dealt with? >> scott, they were on the table a year ago. $1 trillion of cuts have already been made to those programs. we think the top priority is to have the wealthiest pay their fair share and get jobs created so we can spur the economic recovery. >> okay. let's pretend you got that tomorrow. republicans say, that's it, we're going to get it done. we're going to raise taxes on the upper income individuals. then could we reform medicare? >> well, if we get this country back to work, there is a lot of room to have a conversation about how it improve the delivery of health care, but we h
met with union and progressive leaders yesterday. john podesta wasn't mad, mary kay henry, richard trumka, so now you have a press conference this afternoon. and then you have this summit with the business leaders. reporter: not one single person, these are people that one major companies, by the way, thinks the support, you have all these major companies. it is incumbent upon them not to say anything. these are big companies come, they don't like the press fallout. i am telling you that nothing will come out of this. this will be a photo op. what is scary is that i believe that i know people who are decent people. they are being used as a photo op. bill: so they are all getting together. the last time this happened, you mentioned january, i was thinking two years ago when they went to the job senate. we knew what came out of that, right? reporter: just in the jobs council, the chairman of that -- the jobs council has not met since last january. it was one the most perfunctory affairs ever. one of the scary things -- you think the president would be engaged enough that he could rea
copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> on newsmakers, mary kay henry talks about the so-called fiscal cliff and what the unions had state. our guest was not the white house for a meeting that the president held with business leaders and members of congress. bart today at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. join us tomorrow for a discussion on a for-profit education and. speakers from the bill and linda gates foundation and the indication department will talk about federal rules and the role of an enterprise. it begins live monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. what's it would be a shame to waste all the influence in that office. >> they serve as a window on the past to what is going on. >> she becomes as the chief confidant. she is the only one you can trust. >> many of the women were first ladies were writers, journalists. >> they are more interesting as human beings than to their husbands if only because they're not defined and limited by political ambition and. >> socially adept and politically savvy. >> dolly madison loved every minute of it. >> you cannot rule without in
and yesterday he met with mary kay henry of the sei you, the service workers union and richard trumka, head of the cio and justin ruben, the executive director of moveon, a political action group. we had our brain and do some digging and it looks like leaders have been spending a lot of time at the white house over the last four years. according to visitor records come they have made 552 visits since obama took office compared to just 172 business leader visits. joining me now is lou dobbs and the host of "lou dobbs tonight." i was interested to hear charlie gasparino call this a farce. he thought this meeting was a farce because he said no small businesses are going to be there. the last time there was a meeting with a joss council, president obama went and read off of the teleprompter. lou: the fact that he is meeting with business representatives is an important process to continue. it hasn't had much effect to this point in the way in which he deals with business. i think that charlie has a point. small business should be represented here. these 12 ceos are going to be meeting with him
with mary kay henry. she was a labor leader who went to the white house recently as the president talked with labor leaders about the fiscal cliff. this is what she had to say in her interview. [video clip] >> what are the top items, a minimum wage, immigration? what's the biggest thing we think has to happen is comprehensive immigration reform. we think there needs to be a core set of economic issues that we are developing now including the minimum wage that actually cements in restoring the american middle-class. we are not yet on that path. we agree with the president's vision. the third thing, we have to fix voting in this country. people are mad. we are outraged about the lines. i do not know exactly what the prescription is, but that is a priority of the coalition we are a part of. >> did the president address the other big-ticket items? >> he made it clear that when we get through the tax and job discussion in the congress he was to prioritize comprehensive immigration reform. he sees it as a key part to stabilizing the economy, investing in the middle class, not having a subclass
national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> watched mary kay henry, the service employees and national union president today again at 6:00 p.m. on youc-span. >> general, what if the soviets -- soviet union announced tomorrow that if we attack cuba there will be nuclear war? >> that is a serious thing. we're going to be uneasy. something may make these people shoot it off. >> i would want to keep my own people very alert. [laughter] >> it is a fascinating moment. it is amazing that eisenhower tells him to have his people alert, because everyone is completely on edge. kennedy last, and then he says, hang on tight, which is a nice moment that even on this terribly tense day, they're able to joke a little bit with each other. especially during this crisis, i think they have a sense of how lonely it is to occupy that office and how you are given all kinds of advice. eisenhower knew all about faulty military advice. he was able to speak with his supreme authority about the dangers as well as the advantages of military advice. he was a very useful ally to president kennedy. >> ted widmer on "listen
-span. >> this week on "newsmakers," mary kay henry talks about what unions like the seiu are looking for. tomorow at 10:00 am and 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> what about if the soviet union announced as tomorrow that if we attack cuba, there will be a war? >> this is such a serious thing that we're going to be uneasy. >> all right. something may make these people should off -- shoot it off. i want to keep my own people very alert. >> hang on tight. >> it is a fascinating moment. it is amazing that eisenhower tells him to have his people alert, because everyone is completely on edge. kennedy laughs. then he says, hang on tight, which is a nice moment that even on this terribly tense day, they're able to joke a little bit with each other. especially during this crisis, i think they had a sense of hull will lead is to occupy that office and how you're getting all kinds of advice, good advice, faulty advice, which kennedy was from his joint chiefs. eisenhower knew all about faulty military advice, and he was able to speak with his supermajority -- supreme majority about the dangers and advantages. >> sunday
world problems. -- how gaming can help solve world problems. on newsmakers, mary kay henry talks about the fiscal cliff. sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i can remember barack obama 20in 2004. we did is a dazzling speech in new york. it is a beautiful testament to the research he does. when he ran for the senate, when barack obama ran for the senate, he won. abraham won an -- abraham lincoln won for the senate and he lost. think about barack obama running for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost to the illinois senate election. that is the level of national security we are talking about. the harvard business school associate professor talks about leaders. he talks with a historian and journalist on book to be's after on c-span two. >> microsoft chairman bill gates talks about the need for the u.s. education system to produce highly skilled workers, and increase quality and capacity of educational facilities, and making college more affordable. this is 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you very much. we have a writer who writes for us. he is a moral and political
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)